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Next show: LOCAL FEST, Case à Chocs (Neuchâtel), 01.02.2020 (start at 19h). 

My video clip "Little Girl" is out now on YouTube, a song dedicated to all the little girls that suffered of violence, sexual-abuses and mistreatments. They must not remain anonymous, bring them to light and let's all together break this wall of silence. 


Prototype n°1, the first EP of EVJI, is  available on ITunes, Spotify and Apple music!

"Check out "Forever Young" video clip on YouTube !"

Past shows of EVJI :

Cort'Agora, Cortaillod

Sat. 9 mars 2019

Fête de la Musique de Neuchâtel

Fri. June 22, 2018, Main stage

Fête de promotion de XAMAX

Mon. May 21, 2018, Maladière (NE)

2018 Evji & Fermitch production - I +41 78 400 70 87 I Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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